Northern Economist 2.0

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Follow My Postings on Worthwhile Canadian Initiative

Thank you for your interest in Northern Economist 2.0.  I recently finished a sabbatical and have been directing my research activity more into my interests in economic history, health economics and public policy issues which leaves less time for analysis of the northern Ontario economy.  I have also been doing some public policy research on public finance issues with the Fraser Institute.  A visit to my Google Scholar page will provide you with background on the work I have been doing in areas like health expenditure determinants, wealth inequality and public policy in general.  You are also welcome to visit my department web page at Lakehead University where I post materials related to my presentations.  If you are interested in continuing to read my blog material on economic policy and analysis with a focus on Canadian public policy issues, please visit my postings on Worthwhile Canadian Initiative.  As well, my old Northern Economist postings are still currently available here on the old Shaw Webspace site until March 2017.  After that, the main content will still be avilable in an archive site I have set up which I am calling Northern Economist 1.0 (Archive).  All the best. Livio.